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Find out if HUD owes you money

Are You Eligible for a HUD Refund? You may ask what it is.

If you received a FHA loan for your home after September 01, 1983 and you fulfilled the requirements of paying mortgage insurance premium at the time of closing and settling all mortgage payments on time, then you are eligible for a refund of a portion of the insurance premium from HUD/FHA. Don't get persuaded by so called “HUD Tracers” who say they'll track the amount of refund you're due, usually for a percentage of your return. You don't need to pay for these services, you can obtain this information free of cost, directly from HUD/FHA.

Our HUD refund search device helps you to determine if you have any money being held by HUD that should be refunded. It has recently been reported that over $450 million is owed in HUD/FHA refunds. See if you are entitled to a portion of that money.

It's your money, don't let it fly away!

Mortgage Loan Center - HUD/FHA Refund

HUD Refund Search

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