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All leads are generated through this website, not from affiliate sites or aggregators. Each mortgage lead is unique, and has never been sold before.

The problem with most lead suppliers or lead aggregators is that they just don't get it. Most lead suppliers and lead aggregators confuse high credit scores with high quality leads. Unfortunately, most of those people are just rate shoppers.

How are we different? We specialize in leads that close and close profitably. If you've been in the origination business for more than a week, you know that the profitable deals aren't the perfect credit rate shoppers. Sure, everyone wants the guy with the 800+ credit score and a 50% LTV. Seems like a slam dunk deal... but why does he need you? He's going to shop for the best rate and the lowest costs, and guess what... he'll get it. Where's the profit in that deal?

No, that customer isn't the one who's going to make you money. The best deals are the fringe deals, the folks who have a few nicks and dings on their credit. No, we're not talking sub-prime, we're talking fringe credit. Those are the people who need your help and are receptive to your offer. They know they need your help getting into a loan and they are willing to pay for your services.

Smart brokers and loan officers know where the money is. The money is not in the excellent credit internet rate shopper who can go anywhere. No, the money is in the fringe credit customer who needs a qualified professional to help them get into a loan to meet their needs.

If you want to maximize your efforts by selling to the people who need you most and are willing to pay for your services, just complete the short form on this page and we'll have one of our lead specialists contact you to discuss how you can start getting exclusive, money making leads that close.

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